About Omikron Brunch

Omikron Brunch is designed to function as a space for everyone and for all hours of the day.
At Omikron Brunch, staff and students will stop in the morning to have breakfast and organize themselves shortly before a demanding day begins. They will be “attracted” by the aroma of Segafredo Zanetti’s excellent coffee. This is a dark roasted coffee, 100% Arabica, multi-variety based in Brazil.

At noon the delicious brunch dishes make the choice difficult. The Omikron Brunch menu is divided into 6 categories. The first is “Rise and Shine” and includes all the recipes with eggs, from scrambled to poached, combined with avocado, asparagus, sausages, smoked salmon, prosciutto and other delicious ingredients. The second is the “Simple Sandwiches” for those who want to eat something fast. Next is the category “Sandwiches and Bagels” with freshly baked bagels and ciabatta, with more than 10 combinations with mozzarella, pesto, breaded chicken fillet etc. Next are the Salads and Granola Bowls, which everyone has loved.

Finally, there are the Sweets, which are offered all day, even after the kitchen closes at 4:30 pm, giving the choice of accompaniment during all hours of operation of the store and thus keeping the average receipt high daily. With special sweets and special drinks, the afternoons take on the color of sunset.
In addition, all hours of the day are suitable to take the perfect photo. Today’s consumer is an instagram heavy user. He wants the dish he will order to be a high quality photographic snapshot. To capture it on his mobile phone, to upload it on social media, to get likes and to share it on the internet. Each dish of Omikron Brunch gathers hundreds of likes!
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Our History

Two young people, friends for years, with common concerns and creative spirit, are behind the creation of Omikron Brunch, Panagiotis Achilleas and Ioulianos Neophytou. Two young people who share the same passion and the same desire to see their business idea expand and grow.

The space they created is structured on different levels, in each of which an extremely unique setting prevails. The retro decoration, the fireplace, the beautiful terrace with its hanging plants, the special lighting and the comfortable furniture of the space create a unique mixture of senses.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 22:00
Weekend: 08:00 – 22:00

Contact Details

t: +357 26955965
e: info@omikronbrunch.com


25 Martiou avenue, Paphos 8047